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Bosch DVR System

Quality LCD Monitor

Quality CCTV Cameras


iconOur Quality Service Guarantee

We guarantee you will receive a fast efficient install of your CCTV Security System, you’ll also be shown how to utilize the system and all of its features. CCTV Security Cameras Quotes provides complimentary quotes and assessments for all CCTV installations in Melbourne.

We guarantee a smooth installation of your home alarm system, and will show you how to use the alarm and its features. We offer complimentary assessments & free written quotes, for all alarm and surveillance installations in Melbourne and Sydney.



Bosch 440 DVR System

1 x Bosch 440 – 4 channel DVR

3 x Bosch infra-red dome cameras

1 x 19″ LCD monitor

1 x Power supply

1 x 500GB HDD

Most Popular Camera System

Bosch 480 DVR System

1 x Bosch 480 – 8 channel DVR

5 x Bosch infra-red dome cameras

1 x 19″ LCD monitor

1 x Power supply

1 x 500GB HDD

Bosch 670 DVR System

1 x Bosch 670 – 8 channel DVR

5 x Bosch infra-red dome cameras

1 x 19″ LCD monitor

1 x Power supply

1 x 1TB HDD



CCTV Security Cameras

Closed-circuit television cameras (or CCTV cameras) are an excellent way to monitor your house or business without having to actually be on the premises. They serve as a deterrent to thefts and break-ins, and can greatly assist in the recovering of goods when a crime occurs. We understand you care about the things important to you- your home, your business, your family, and your valuables. With surveillance cameras you can monitor any location you own remotely. You can access a live feed through your laptop or PC and check previous recordings to monitor for unusual activity.

Security Cameras for Work

Security guards and expensive alarm systems can be great crime deterrents, but they are costly and fallible ways of keeping your valuables protected. Wireless security cameras record constantly. They are always watching, and they can act as your eyes no matter where you are.

CCTV systems can catch what guards cannot, and their constant monitoring makes them less susceptible to burglary attempts. They also make catching intruders much simpler. Criminals caught on a CCTV camera have their features recorded forever.

Showing the police a CCTV video gives them concrete evidence to work with. It means it will be that much quicker before the criminals are apprehended and your valuables are returned. Police actually prefer security camera evidence over eyewitness accounts because it removes the possibility of human error. We also work with Gryphon Solar and Gryphon Garage Doors.

We can supply all your business security cameras and CCTV needs in the Melbourne area. Our CCTV cameras Melbourne are competitively priced. We only used high-quality products that are guaranteed to do the job right.

Home Security Systems

Our wireless security camera system can also be used to monitor your home. There is nothing more important than the people and things you keep at home, and there is no better way to guard them than with home security camera systems.

Home security cameras are great additions to an alarm system. They also serve as an excellent theft prevention option on their own. When you install one of our security cameras in your home, you can access the live feed from your laptop, computer, or compatible tablet or phone.

You can have instant access to what your security camera sees and check previously recorded feeds with the playback option. All of our CCTV camera systems come with the option of DVR playback. This handy feature lets you see what your camera sees even after it has happened. This means if you notice signs of a break-in, you can check earlier camera footage from your CCTV camera to see what occurred.

The DVR playback feature comes as an app that can be downloaded to many mobile devices. But we also offer an LCD monitor you can install wherever you like. That way you can see what your CCTV security system sees in full, high definition. You can also control playback options from the monitor.

Value for You

There are expensive options out there for someone looking for a way to secure their home or business. But if you want reliability and affordability, you cannot go wrong with our CCTV camera systems.

If you want to keep your family and your business protected, then check out our CCTV Melbourne location.

We are experienced in the wireless security camera business. We know what our customers need to protect themselves and their valuables. And we provide that service at the best price using high quality parts.

Our CCTV camera Melbourne are a step above the rest and a surefire way to safeguard the people and things dearest to you.